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20 November
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(Tiff, me, Patricia)

Heh. I don't look like that anymore but dayyyyyyum. I sure wish I still had that hair.

I'm Ashley. I'm a geek, animal advocate, music lover, guitar player, piano player, avid reader, soon-to-be dog trainer and rescuer, high school student (senior year), Switchfoot fan and piercing collector. I dye my hair way too much (I've already found a bald spot[s]).

I adore body mods and currently have the following piercings: eyebrow, double lip, 4 14 gauge lobes, 2 4 gauge lobes, septum, helix and tragus. I plan on getting double nostrils, center lip, another eyebrow (maybe... my current one pisses me off), double tragus (on the same tragus), industrial helix, conch, nape project, nipples, vch, tongue venoms (double side tongue) and maybe, just maybe, 3-4 navel piercings. Heck, maybe I'll even give myself a smiley piercing with my 16g needles.

I work for a theatre. I see way too many movies. My current favorites are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sincity and The Notebook.

My current pets consist of: two dogs (Shetland Sheepdogs.. think mini collies), six bettas (fighting fish), four Cockatiels, and a tank full of guppies. I plan on breeding Bettas in the near future. Yay for pets. My dogs are being trained in obedience and I hope to one day compete in obedience, agility and flyball with them. Within the next year, I plan on having my business set up. It will be a dog training/daycare business.

I'm totally lame.

Or: How to sound mildly intelligent!
When to properly use your or you're (you are)
adj. The possessive form of you
1. Used as a modifier before a noun: your
boots; your accomplishments

2. A person's; one's: The light switch is on
your right

So, what does it mean?

Your is a word that states that the possession of some object or abstract idea is in the possession of you. The hat is not you're hat. It is YOUR hat. As you're cannot be used in place of your, the same is true for the reverse of this lesson. Your cannot be used in a sentence when the meaning of the word should be "you are," such as you are not very intellectual or you are in possession of the grammar skills of a 4-year old. This is where YOU'RE comes in, not your. See the right side, YOUR right side (of the computer screen) for instructions on how to use YOU'RE.

Some examples:

This is your pink flamingo.
Our Lady Peace is your favorite band.
Please, stop your car and run into oncoming traffic.
Contraction of you are.

n. The act or process of shortening
1. The shortening of a word, or of two
words, by the omission of a letter or
letters, or by reducing two or more
vowels or syllables to one; as, ne'er for
never; can't for can not; don't for do
not; it's for it is.


In short, you're means you are. We do all know what "you" and "are" mean, don't we? I should surely hope so! One uses you're when they wish to speak regarding a person.

Some examples:

You're not a very nice individual.
You're coming with me this evening.
You're not serious, are you?
Post this tutorial in your journal!!