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Cause I'm sure you all want to know that I have no life - Ashley
Cause I'm sure you all want to know that I have no life

Marg! I can't wait until the fair is over.

Sunday (28th): 11a-5 [SilverCity]
Monday (29th): 9a-? [PNE]
                5p-11:30 [SilverCity-TRAIN MARK!! =D]
Tuesday (30th): 9a-? [PNE]
                6p-11:30 [SilverCity]
Wednesday (31st): 8:30a-? [PNE]
                      After work [Go to SC, check work schedule, hand in new availability]
                      7p [Driving Lesson]
Thursday (1st): 8:15a-? [PNE]
Friday (2nd): 8:15a-? [PNE]
                      (5/6-11:30 Silvercity?)
Saturday (3rd): Probably working during the day at SC.. NO WORK AT NIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT! FREE FREE FREE!
Sunday (4th): Probably working at SC
Monday (5th): 8:30a-? [PNE] LAST DAY!
                         (5/6-11:30 Silvercity?)
Tuesday (6th): First day of vacation for Ashley (even though I'm probably working at SC.. but kids go back to school that day so it'll be slack day for meeeeeee!)

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cass_ma From: cass_ma Date: August 31st, 2005 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
hey! where in the world do you work?! i tried looking but i couldn't figure it out!!!
x_concretegirl From: x_concretegirl Date: August 31st, 2005 07:04 am (UTC) (Link)
LOL If you go through the red safeway barn, it's at the very end. Find Peter the Great (the huge ass bull thing).. the cafe's really easy to find from there.
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