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New LJ!!

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PET EXPO!!!!! This Saturday and Sunday 10-5@Canada Place. Who's coming on Saturday with me? :D
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Just read Patricia's entry.. figured why not.

Resolutions and a review of 2005Collapse )

What a lame year

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Don Juan, wanna come over soonish and share some of your wisdom with me? I need to get xp installed and maybe get the jist of how to reformat the comp, if I ever need to? I'll take you out for lunch or something. =D Purdy please?
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Marg! I can't wait until the fair is over.

Sunday (28th): 11a-5 [SilverCity]
Monday (29th): 9a-? [PNE]
                5p-11:30 [SilverCity-TRAIN MARK!! =D]
Tuesday (30th): 9a-? [PNE]
                6p-11:30 [SilverCity]
Wednesday (31st): 8:30a-? [PNE]
                      After work [Go to SC, check work schedule, hand in new availability]
                      7p [Driving Lesson]
Thursday (1st): 8:15a-? [PNE]
Friday (2nd): 8:15a-? [PNE]
                      (5/6-11:30 Silvercity?)
Saturday (3rd): Probably working during the day at SC.. NO WORK AT NIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT! FREE FREE FREE!
Sunday (4th): Probably working at SC
Monday (5th): 8:30a-? [PNE] LAST DAY!
                         (5/6-11:30 Silvercity?)
Tuesday (6th): First day of vacation for Ashley (even though I'm probably working at SC.. but kids go back to school that day so it'll be slack day for meeeeeee!)

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So flippin' bored. So flippin' exhausted. And come payday(s), gonna be so flippin' rich. =D

Stolded from Tiffartney:

Ask me a question anonymously (or not), and if I feel comfortable, I will try to answer as best as I can.
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I was bad today. I had a shift at the PNE at 7:30. I woke up at 7:25. I said "Fuck this." and went back to sleep LOL. I eventually called and made up some bullshit about a migraine. I hope I get fired. =D

Silvercity is getting more fun. I got trained in Pizza Hut and picked it up in one shift (they give us four to get trained). W00T! I can't wait til the school year begins. I'll get to open Pizza Hut and Cafe nearly every morning.


I'm not in a bitchy mood anymore. =D Didi gave me some of her E. Right Di? Hahahaha.

I love my doggehs. ♥ I'm slaving every day working for a measly 8 dollars an hour for them but they deserve every bit of it. When I got home from a some-what shitty shift tonight, Kai was wiggling his whole body. He's trained to stay inside the house unless I tell him it's okay. It was so cute seeing him try not to fall off the door frame and go outside. And then when I said it was okay, he was SOOOOOO happy and bouncy. *squeels* I love my Kaka boy. =D
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PNE!! Patricia mentioned it a while ago and I only just remembered. We wanted to arrange a date for the group to go to the PNE again.

Sooo, whoever wants to go, what days are good for you?

Weekends are good for me.
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Because imagestation is a jackass on livejournal, click here for the pictures:


I felt bad cause he was spoiled rotten for his last two birthdays. I only got him one toy because he has everything already.. I couldn't think of anything to buy. But then again, how many dogs get a 20 dollar dog cake on their birthday?

I love my boy so freaking much. Just the other night, I found myself pinned against the wall. I looked over and saw a Sheltie on his back, with all four paws in the air. He hates sleeping on my bed, so it was a treat to see him sleeping there on his own. Now that's love.
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Comment to be added.
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